Ms. Sansan Ching 

is the Consultant and Founder of the Fruition Ltd., established in 2002.  The Fruition Ltd has appointed  by the Hong Kong charity, the Hong Kong Council of Early Childhood Education and Services (CECES) to be its beneficiary for the year 2019-2020. 

As the Executive Director of CECES, she has called on the assistance of several public relations firms, and has provided public events to many commercial companies.  These projects are innovative and educational.   They reach an estimated 200,000 people annually.


The cumulative experiences inspired by Ms. Ching have enabled her staff at CECES to acquire skills in organizing a multi-variety of events.  These experiences has led to the obvious need to form an officially recognized social enterprise with the aim of bringing together the efforts of different groups of people in the community that are working towards an environmental friendly society.


She has now created the MerryGo Shop with its on- and off-line Platforms to help buyers and sellers to reach each other.


Ms. Shara Ng is the Managing Director of the Fruition Ltd.  In the past 12 years, she worked in the honorary and volunteering roles to spear-head projects of many varieties.  She has fostered a large network of friends and professionals in the food and health industries.  Her responsibilities have been wide ranging and influential in these fields of endeavour.  Her present leadership positions give her the best advantages to execute the plans in this proposed social enterprise.  She presently holds the following honorary positions:


Chairman, Vegan City Project under the auspices of CECES

Chairman, Hong Kong Vegan Association

Adviser, LOHAS Association of Hong Kong

Secretary General, Asia Pacific Vegan Union (APVU),

Representative, International Vegetarian Union (IVU) Asia Pacific Region


Ms. Ng started working for plant-based diet (Vegan) through social networks.  She initiated the Meat Free Monday gatherings and the first Hong Kong Vegfest conducted six years ago, and coming into the 7th year in October 2019.   She is also the Publisher of GOVEG magazine (a free bilingual vegan magazine) in Asia, authored by volunteers worldwide.  She is the Advisor of plant-based food development for One Belt Road Initiation in Hong Kong and China

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