Confirmed:  Hong Kong Vegfest (6 October 2019)

Confirmed: Kick-off event for Humanitarian book club by Ernest Bell Library (November 2019)

Proposed: LOHAS Expo and Vegetarian Fair Asia (2020)

Proposed: Vegan Cruise by Royal Caribbean for Asia Pacific Vegetarian Union (Hong Kong Hosted September 2020)

Proposed: Vegan Royal Banquet and Street Food for International Vegetarian Union (Hosted by Hong Kong and Beijing September 2020)


More events shall be confirmed later.

In November last year, we planned the Vegan City Project for CECES.   The Central and Western District Council and a few commercial sectors supported us by providing free quality venues and food.  The Vegan City Project has successfully recruited nearly 100 volunteers.  Many workshops participants are keen to join our future volunteer training programmes.


In the future, it is expected that more and more new forces will join the platform.  Many individuals and corporations have expressed the wish to stay tuned for our coming activities.  We have built websites and social media platforms for the activities and events in the pipeline.


The Fruition Ltd, has, on behalf of CECES, successfully completed nine workshops in the first quarter of 2019, under the heading, Vegan City Project.    During the second quarter, we held a press conference for the on-line 21-day health challenge platform started April 1 2019.  This platform provides numerous free healthy vegan recipes for public download each day.   Furthermore, we are including articles on health and ecological information from well-researched sources on the platform.


During the 21days in April, we are sending newsletters to individuals who have registered to join the 21-day Health Challenge.   This time we have collaborated with the platforms from mainland China and Taiwan.  In the future, bilingual information will be provided and there will be more Hong Kong related articles and information posted on the posted for free dissemination.

The company is connected to a distinguished network of professionals and colleagues in the education and health sectors around the world.  Their combined resources and expertise offered will enable the Fruition Ltd. to further serve its clients, so that they will be able to stage out-of-the-ordinary events of all types.


Examples of some of our connections are those in leading organizations in the field.  These include local and worldwide networks, such as the International Vegetarian Union since 1908; – a well established world-wide catering network for vegans and vegetarians; the prestigious Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) activities in China; and a few government bodies for vegetarian chefs working on promoting plant based diets in China. 


These connections are rapidly expanding and will be consolidated by the Fruition Ltd’s platforms, so that they may operate more efficiently and effective in the market.  Furthermore, leaders of the Fruition Ltd, Sansan Ching and Shara Ng, both experienced speakers, have often been invited to international congresses and forums, enhancing our relationships with these organizations.


In the past three decades, we have worked with numerous people and staged over 100 events all over the community.   These range in sizes of 100 – 9,000 participants.   


As a social enterprise, the Fruition Ltd. will also perform a public relations and events management role for interested parties to promote their aims and products.  


The company will build an on-line platform with the aim of inviting vendors and manufacturers to use the platform to publicize and promote their products and events.


The rationale behind this activity is to fulfill a niche market for small and medium sized businesses to expand and increase their customer bases.   We envisage that the platform will provide a world-wide coverage, especially in the  Asian countries.  


Additionally, offline activities will also be offered, that will include exhibitions, seminars, workshops, festivals and the production of a regular newsletter for the dissemination of news and educational resources. 


Our present extensive network of vendors and manufacturers has shown much enthusiasm to make use of such a platform to promote their goods.   Many have noted that there is a great need for a plant-based platform dedicated to serve the fast expanding vegan market. 


This kind of platform is so far, few in numbers.  The ones that claim to have plant-based concerns are not fully dedicated to promoting “veganism”, for often they mix their activities with the promotion of “vegetarianism” or “health”, or “organic” concepts.   Veganism is the total abstinence of animal products in their meals, which is a stricter practice of consumption, different from simply avoiding some animal products in their diets.  Plant-based and veganism are used interchangeable, and the life style manifested are always intertwined with the call for environmentally sustainable development. 


The Fruition Ltd. will therefore, focus its efforts on a platform dedicated to the promotion of environmental sustainability, and in particular, with an advocacy specialism in “veganism”.   We will assist both commercial enterprises and non-profit organizations to promote a plant-based healthy life-style. 


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