The Fruition Ltd. is a social enterprise that aims to provide an on-line and off-line platform for plant-based and related businesses.  Our goal is to reach out to the sustainability-conscious community, as well as conduct eco-friendly education to people from all walks of life.


Ms. Sansan Ching 

is the Consultant and Founder of the Fruition Ltd., established in 2002.  The Fruition Ltd has appointed  by the Hong Kong charity, the Hong Kong Council of Early Childhood Education and Services (CECES) to be its beneficiary for the year 2019-2020. 

As the Executive Director of CECES, she has called on the assistance of several public relations firms, and has provided public events to many commercial companies.  These projects are innovative and educational.   They reach an estimated 200,000 people annually.


The cumulative experiences inspired by Ms. Ching have enabled her staff at CECES to acquire skills in organizing a multi-variety of events.  These experiences has led to the obvious need to form an officially recognized social enterprise with the aim of bringing together the efforts of different groups of people in the community that are working towards an environmental friendly society.


She has now created the MerryGo Shop with its on- and off-line Platforms to help buyers and sellers to reach each other.


Ms. Shara Ng is the Managing Director of the Fruition Ltd.  In the past 12 years, she worked in the honorary and volunteering roles to spear-head projects of many varieties.  She has fostered a large network of friends and professionals in the food and health industries.  Her responsibilities have been wide ranging and influential in these fields of endeavour.  Her present leadership positions give her the best advantages to execute the plans in this proposed social enterprise.  She presently holds the following honorary positions:


Chairman, Vegan City Project under the auspices of CECES

Chairman, Hong Kong Vegan Association

Adviser, LOHAS Association of Hong Kong

Secretary General, Asia Pacific Vegan Union (APVU),

Representative, International Vegetarian Union (IVU) Asia Pacific Region


Ms. Ng started working for plant-based diet (Vegan) through social networks.  She initiated the Meat Free Monday gatherings and the first Hong Kong Vegfest conducted six years ago, and coming into the 7th year in October 2019.   She is also the Publisher of GOVEG magazine (a free bilingual vegan magazine) in Asia, authored by volunteers worldwide.  She is the Advisor of plant-based food development for One Belt Road Initiation in Hong Kong and China

Some of the projects we have organized in the past include:


  • 2 Guinness Book of Records events at Time’s Square and the Shatin Jockey Club race course respectively
  • Shuttle Cock and Rope Skipping events with experts from Tien Tsin
  • Grand opening Mother’s Day event launched by Mrs. Anson Chan, at the Olympia Plaza
  • The Best of the Best Children’s Contest opened by Mrs. Betty Tung
  • Study and Cultural exchanges between Hong Kong and China
  • Numerous other kinds of events staged in all kinds of shopping malls
  • The Young Entrepreneurs Photographic Exhibition at Gallerie E. opened by Mr. Justice Thomas Gall
  • Toyota Classics with world famous orchestras in two consecutive years.
  • Fun fairs and carnivals in various housing estates
  • A charity ball held in Thailand hosted by her highness, Princess Samsawadi
  • Numerous film premiers, including Exposure, starring Demi Moore and Michael Douglas, and Anna and the King, starring Chow Yun Fat and Jodie Foster
  • 10 Children’s Month from 1988 – 1998, pioneering Healthy and Nutrition, Ecology, and Children’s Safety 
  • Educational and children’s art exhibitions
  • Cross cultural exchanges to China and Sri Lanka
  • Fashion shows and gala dinners at the Grand Hyatt Hotel, including Hermes, Channel, Gottex, Nina Ricci
  • Numerous seminars, talks and workshops for professionals and parents
  • Book fairs and products exhibitions
  • Grand openings of commercial companies, including Abraham’s Jeweler charity auction
  • Fund-raising events, including flag Days, raffle draws, film premiers and balls
  • Family Green Walks held at the Shatin Jockey Club, race course
  • The opening of the community organic Garden Farm project at Ma On Shan, the first certifying body for organic farming in Hong Kong
  • Celebrities’ Volunteer’s Day at the CECES Garden Farm in Ma On Shan
  • Cooking contests and workshops for school students and families
  • Held 6 annual English learning seminars for teachers in different primary schools
  • Anti-Drug campaigns through a mobile centre supported by government
  • Handover Cup for Hong Kong and PRC students in North Hong Kong district
  • The annual Speech and Singing Contests in its 10th year
  • Merry-Go-CECES mobile learning centre in two consecutive years for over 2,000 people each time
  • The annual VegFest in its 7th year coming for plant-based vendors and consumers
  • Created the Vegan City Project with a start up of nine public workshops
  • Created the 21-day Health Challenge providing free vegan recipes each day

Key stakeholders of the Fruition Ltd. have over 30 years of experience in holding public seminars, workshops and festivals.  The parties responsible for this proposed social enterprise are the Fruition Ltd., CECES and the HK Vegan Association.  Their combined experience over the past three decades creates a formidable partnership.   They have staged over 100 events all over the community.   These range in sizes of 100 – 9,000 participants.   

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